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Grassroots Inc. is a local progressive political organization whose primary purpose is to bring a positive change in Buffalo’s inner city community.

This organization is composed of residents of all ages and walks of life, who have united to resolve the problems menacing their community.

We, as concerned citizens, have observed the consistent erosion of the quality of life for those living in our community. Increasing unemployment, rising drug abuse, inadequate education and insufficient governmental services are just a few of the problems which plague people living in inner city neighborhoods. Grassroots will seek and advance leadership prepared to work toward eliminating these problems.

Members of Grassroots are expected to work toward developing a more active and politically aware community. Establish and promote among neighborhood residents the concept of taking control of their destiny by tangible participation in the political process. Identify and assist those candidacies which address the needs of inner city communities.

Grassroots is committed to becoming proficient in skills and techniques such as petitioning, fund raising, door to door and phone canvassing. The organization will utilize the experiences and expertise of its members to further the aims and goals set forth in a thoughtful, political agenda. Members should be cognizant of their role in the political process, accept the burdens of leadership, and be dedicated and committed to the premise that the power of the vote can enhance the quality of life in Buffalo’s inner city.

Organizationally, we will generate resources for issue and activist development and implement strategies to run candidates or leverage influence in elections of concern.

Our organization will be a living and dynamic one based upon principals, practices and progress. We shall not seek to overshadow any other organization or effort, but will have the express purpose to develop and implement a power agenda. In all our community interactions, we affirm that human beings have the potential to be good, loving, worthy and cooperative.


We recognize the inherent value of all generations and we encourage exchange and interaction between them. In particular, a re-connection needs to be made between the community elders and the very young on a continuing basis.

"We recognize the inherent value of all generations and we encourage exchange and interaction between them."

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